Irrigation Services

Here at SportsFields, we strive to provide our customers with unparalleled service. Whether you are a long time customer, a new client, or simply unhappy with your current service, we have you covered. Our friendly service technicians are experienced problem solvers with years of experience in the irrigation industry. And since their sole duties are irrigation service based, we can provide prompt response time with quality service and maintenance. From simple sprinkler head adjustments to small leaks, system upgrades and large scale issues, winterization and spring start up, let SportsFields handle all your irrigation service needs.


is_introduction_01Residential Irrigation Systems
We offer complete irrigation design, installation and maintenance. Irrigation is one of the most important things you can do to protect the investment that you have in your landscape, turf and your planting beds. We want to keep your lawn and landscape looking its best, while at the same time trying to conserve as much water as possible.


Commercial Irrigation
In addition to residential service, SportsFields has a great deal of experience working with multiple businesses on commercial irrigation projects. We have maintained very good working relationships with locally and nationally know companies and we continue to strive to provide a highly professional product for our commercial clients in addition to our residential clients. Whether we’re doing a small-scale drip system for a fast food restaurant, a custom system for a horse farm, an efficient large-scale job for a shopping center, or working with a local park to meet their needs, we strive to provide the most professional experience and highest quality of work possible. Please contact us for more information about commercial-grade irrigation services.


Athletic Field Irrigation
As you know, SportsFields is a full-service design-build company focused on the construction, renovation and maintenance of natural and synthetic athletic field systems. Over the years, we have renovated and constructed a wide variety of athletic playing surfaces. On natural turf projects, it is often the case that we install commercial grade irrigation systems during the construction or renovation. Please contact us for details on athletic field irrigation systems.

Large or small, simple or complex, SportsFields has your irrigation needs covered.