How will I benefit from an inground sprinkler system?

First and foremost, an irrigation system can save you money on your water bill. In comparison to hand watering, which is more often than not done on a random basis and time intervals, an automatic irrigation system is quite efficient. Secondly, irrigation systems disperse water at an even rate. This allows you to water landscape beds, sunny areas, shady areas, etc for the amount of time necessary and no longer. Another obvious benefit of scheduled irrigation is that it will keep your lawn adequately watered even if you are away from home. No need to keep dragging hoses across your lawn and having to worry with wasteful watering. Install an automatic irrigation system to alleviate the burden.

Will the installation make a mess of my lawn?

With over 25 years of experience, SportsFields’ installation techniques have made system installation far less disruptive than in the past. In most cases we are able to pull in all pipe with a vibratory plow unit that significantly limits the amount of disruption to a lawn. In situations where a lawn is healthy and in good shape, we will carefully remove all sod from necessary areas during the install and replace upon completion. This allows for the least disruption of your turf areas as possible. In cases where a lawn is in disrepair or non-existent, such steps do not have to be taken. In these instances, however, the addition of an irrigation system will make the grow-in process for new sod or the seeding/overseeding of the area speedier and more efficient.

How long does a system take to put in?

The simple answer: it depends on the area that is trying to be covered. After an estimate is reviewed and accepted by a customer, we will consider all necessary factors for completion and provide a schedule. Keep in mind: many areas in this region have shallow depth of limestone that can slow the installation process. Every lawn or site is different and can require different techniques, therefore, there can be no standard timeframe for all jobs. Our goal is to install your system properly, but also as timely as possible.

What type of maintenance does the system require?

All systems need to be serviced to some degree over the course of their lifetime. The most frequent and common servicing occurs during drastic seasonal change, i.e. winter and spring. We provide comprehensive winterization and spring start-up services. Outside of this, systems will occasionally need additional attention. The quality of the products used initially and of the overall installation, plays an important part in the long-term service of the system. The better the products and installation, the less trouble you should expect in the future. SportsFields uses the finest products available in the industry, and strives to provide the finest installations in the business. As mentioned before, no two systems are alike and therefore, service varies. We have many irrigation systems in the area that have been fully functional for 15-20 years with proper service.

What happens when it rains?

You obviously don’t want to be running your irrigation system when it rains. It’s inefficient, wasteful and costly. SportsFields has options to combat this problem. We will identify said options to each customer in the estimation process to set up a cost-efficient, intelligent watering system. Technology within the industry allows us to incorporate “smart products” into a system that can identify changes in the weather and even the soil to promote water conservation and tangible savings on your water bill. We feel we have a responsibility to be considerate of precious resources such as water and strive to make our systems as “green” and ecologically friendly as possible.

How long and how often should I run my sprinkler system?

While there are no set parameters for this, we like to provide customers with a few rules of thumb once the system is installed. The size of the system and what that system is responsible for watering will factor in to run time. The addition of “smart technology” will also affect this. We like the customer to fully understand their irrigation system. After all, the majority of a system is underground and rarely seen. Our field technicians will review your controller with you upon completion of the job, taking into account any weather/rain sensors you may have, setting up watering programs as necessary. SportsFields wants to leave a job site confident that you have a working knowledge of your system and are comfortable that the system will perform to its fullest potential. Once a program has been determined and set, rarely do changes have to be made with the exception of seasonably extreme conditions.

Why should I choose SportsFields to install my system?

SportsFields has a reputation for doing the best work in the business. We pay attention to the small details, and take great pride in each and every system we install. At SportsFields quality is our standard.

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